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Social marketing: How to have an engaged community?

  • Written by  Samuel

One of the indicators followed closely by the community managers is often the commitment of their community. There is still little, we proposed relevant content if possible, hoping that the community was referred to appropriate then the relay. We called it viral content. This principle still exists but is slowing growing. Today, we went from content sharing to shared experiences of members of the communities we manage.

If the job of defining the editorial link that will connect community members between them remains similar, the management of the community itself will be totally different. The effort will focus on looking for contributors, not the editorial sense, but in terms of what they can contribute to the community in terms of experience. The commitment becomes an active attitude in the sense that each makes its own contribution to a community, in which he includes you logically. And this contribution is more viral because it reflects real life situations, which was much more willing to share, comment...

With the evolution of the mobile Internet and the proliferation of smartphones, it is increasingly easy to share experience via a video, photo etc ... It's real time, it's alive and comunity love it.

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